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As part of our continued drive towards a more sustainable and decarbonised shipping industry, TFG Marine offers a range of advanced marine biofuels, helping our customers decarbonise their supply chains and reach their climate ambitions.


The advantages of our biofuels


Using certified lower-carbon biofuel blends can help reduce fossil fuel consumption and lifecycle emissions by up to 30 percent. Each blend is derived from waste oil feedstock and is low in sulphur, which decreases ash and emissions, and improves air quality.


All of our blends are compliant with international standards (the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) and EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED I/II)) and have been successfully and regularly used with existing engines by our shareholders Trafigura, Frontline and Golden Ocean, as well as other biofuel customers, for their own fleets since 2021.


Stringent testing has been commissioned to ensure that our biofuel blends meet performance and quality standards of regular marine fuel. We have conducted laboratory and extended sea trials on the Trafigura-owned and operated Marlin Amethyst vessel using our FAME B30 blend.


During the extended trial period, no modifications to the engine or infrastructure were required and no handling issues were experienced during the combustion process.

  • Smokeless emissions
  • Reduction in exhaust gas temperature
  • Normal engine sound and vibration
  • No abnormal sludge formation
  • No precipitation
  • Clear line filters and auto back wash system
  • Consistent pressure in circulating pump line
  • Advanced Marine Biofuels Supply