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We operate end-to-end bunkering services that integrate expertise in commodity trading with marine fuel supply, infrastructure and logistics. We source and deliver grades and blends globally in line with shippers’ requirements. We supply a full range of high-quality marine fuel blends, including International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC)-certified biofuel blends.

What makes us different?

TFG Marine supplies marine fuel safely, efficiently and transparently in over 80 percent of the world’s sea routes. Our services span the entire supply chain, bridging every stage of the bunkering process, from procurement to post-delivery. We work with partners across the maritime industry to improve transparency and progress decarbonisation.

  • A global partner for shipping
    We have scale and global presence. We serve key shipping routes from over 30 strategic bunkering hub locations, supplying over 10 million metric tones of marine fuels  to our customers. We source and supply premium, IMO2020 compliant marine fuels cost-effectively and efficiently around the world.

  • Quality across the supply chain
    We physically supply competitively priced and regulatory-compliant refined marine fuels to ships in port and at sea. From digital documentation to detailed, real-time transaction data, our services simplify and streamline the entire procurement process.

  • Backed by industry leaders
    We are backed by major market participants. Our joint-venture partners, with a combined fleet of around 700 vessels, are TFG Marine’s cornerstone customers. We deploy services internationally to meet their requirements. The economies of scale and service capabilities we get from that deliver benefits to all our customers.

  • Transparency, efficiency and trust
    We promote transparency and responsible operations across our business. We serve our customers better this way. We aim to build trust and raise service levels through increased transparency. We share real-time data, to prevent quality issues or quantity disputes that might delay delivery. Orders complete more quickly. Business get simpler. It adds up to less risk and lower costs for our customers.

  • Helping reduce customer supply-chain emissions
    Our biofuel blends are helping to make shipping more sustainable in today’s world. We provide International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC)-certified and European Union Renewable Energy Directive (REDII)-compliant biofuels in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp region and in response to global demand. Our independently verified, accredited carbon compensation scheme supports those wanting to do more to reduce net emissions.

  • Industry collaboration and decarbonisation
    The maritime industry is on a path to decarbonisation. The alternative fuel and new propulsion systems now being developed can transform the way shipping operates.

This is a huge task and time is against us. Partnerships and networks are mobilising across the maritime industry to research, develop, trial and pilot technologies that can accelerate decarbonisation. As a leading fuel provider, TFG Marine is closely involved. We're ready to meet tomorrow's shipping fuel needs.


Our majority stakeholder Trafigura is an active member of the Global Maritime Forum’s Getting to Zero Coalition, which aims to have zero-emission vessels operating commercially on shipping routes by 2030. It is and a leading advocate for the introduction by the International Maritime Organization of a carbon levy on shipping fuels to make zero- and low-carbon fuels more economically viable and more competitive.